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Moving Out cleaning and End of lease clean

Moving can be hectic and time consuming. Let Eco Cleaning Adelaide take care of the cleaning details so you can focus on other moving tasks.

If you paid a deposit to your landlord, you will want to get that money back; Eco Cleaning Adelaide will have your home clean and ready for inspection!

While every Eco Cleaning Adelaide clean is tailored to your specific requirements, there are standard elements that are included for moving out cleaning:

Thoroughly clean bathrooms and kitchens

Wipe cupboard fronts

Wash floors

Dust baseboards, pictures, lamp shades, window sills, furniture and light fixtures

Vacuum every room

Spot clean paint work (walls, door frames, baseboards, etc.)

If you require anything else - just ask!

When you move into your new home and want that extra peace of mind knowing it has been scrubbed clean from top to bottom, Eco cleaning adelaide can also perform a move-in clean and get rid of the mess a previous tenant may have left behind.





• Clean counters, cabinet exteriors, table and chairs

• Clean and sanitize sinks and countertops

• Clean exterior of stove tops, refrigerators and small appliances

• Clean inside and outside of microwave ovens

• Wash floors


• Clean and sanitize showers and bathtubs

• Clean and sanitize sinks and vanities

• Clean mirrors

• Clean and sanitize toilets

• Polish chrome

• Wash floors and tile walls

All Rooms

• Clean, dust and vacuum

• Dusting: window sills, ledges, doors, blinds, picture frames, knickknacks, fans, lamps, furniture, woodwork, shelves and baseboards

• Cobweb removal

• Wash and dry wood floors

• Vacuum furniture including under seat cushions

• Empty and clean wastebaskets

Additional Services

Sometimes our clients are looking for additional services, and we can help.  Be sure to inquire about additional cleaning services designed to relieve you of house cleaning chores such as: 


• Oven cleaning

• Refrigerator cleaning

• Leaf Blowering & car park cleaning

• Window cleaning

• Blinds cleaning

• Special cleaning requests



END OF Tenancy Cleaning:


ECO Cleaning Services specialises in End of Tenancy Cleaning covering most part of the Adelaide. Take the stress out of moving in/out of your property and let us handle it with our dedicated team of professional cleaners.


Get your deposit back with our 100% satisfaction guarantee,


simply    contact    our    cleaning   company    on  0470644028 / 1300 044884 for   End of  Tenancy cleaning adelaide 

What services included in End of tenancy cleaning?


Bedrooms and Living Areas:


Removing Cobwebs and general dusting

Doors, frames and wall spot cleaning

Radiators cleaned front and bottom

Light switches and plug sockets

Light fittings/lampshades cleaned

Carpets vacuumed

Windows, sills, frames and tracks/poles

Skirting boards dusted

Stairs, skirts and bannister cleaned

Tidy room appearance

Clean inside wardrobes and drawers

Clean behind/underneath furniture



Limescale removal on taps, shined

Limescale removal from glass shower screens

Soap scum/limscale removal from splashback tiles

Shower trays, tiles and plug inlets

Showerhead limescale removal

Cobwebs and wall spots removed

Bathtubs scrubed clean

Windows, frames, sills and tracks cleaned

Skirting boards dusted and wiped down

Mirrors cleaned and shined

Basins and vanity units cleaned

Waterline underneath basin removed

Toilets cleaned, scaled, cleaned behind and shined

Floors washed and disinfected

Light switches and Plug sockets cleaned

Light fittings and Lampshades cleaned

Boiler room and airing cupboard

Underneath stair cupboards

Utility rooms, shelves and appliances

Waterlines beneth basins and toilets


Please note: ECO Cleaning Adelaide only complete basic cleaning of mould, if you have alot of mould growth or would like mould treatment then please contact us.




 Sink limescale removed, cleaned and shined

Tap limescale removed and polished

Tile splashback wiped clean

Windows, sills, frames and Tracks/poles

Skirting boards dusted and wiped down

Kitchen appliances cleaned (microwave/toaster)

Refrigerator cleaned inside and out

Freezer cleaned inside and Out

Washing machine tray and rim

Dishwasher soap trays, edges and drains

Oven cleaned inside and out

Oven racks and oven trays cleaned

Extractor degreased and shined, inside and out

Workrtops cleaned and disinfected

Kitchen cupboards/drawers cleaned

Floors vacuumed, mopped and disinfected

Rubbish removed from bins/units

Cobwebing and Dusting

Light switches and plug sockets cleaned